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MCM members are currently in the field. Read about life and research in Antarctica.
Dr. Jill Mikucki from Dartmouth College describes ancient microbial communities living in Blood Falls below the Taylor Glacier
Hassan Basagic from Portland State University describes the essential role of polar glaciers in supporting the bare-bones ecosystems in the Dry Valleys
Meteorological Data can now be downloaded through the 07-08 season. Fryxell, Hoare and Bonney stations contain data through the extended season.
Blood Falls and the Dry Valleys are featured on NASA's Earth Observatory website
Basecamp website for project management is now available
Scanned images of hand-written stream field notes are now searchable online back to 1993. Many thanks to Jane Turner!
Live flow data are being telemetered from the Onyx River in Antarctica by the USGS. Download data here.
MCM members are currently in the field. Read about life and research in Antarctica.
Read Peter Doran's Op-Ed piece on global warming in the July 27 New York Times!
Read Amy Mayer's BioScience Feature about Diana Wall and Byron Adams' work on Antarctic Soils
MCM Team members currently in the field are taking part in a live webcast on March 12, 2008. Click above to register.

Climate Change and hydrology in the Dry Valleys.

Antarctica shelters abundant microbial life in water miles below the icy surface
The future Internet home of The Lost Seal outreach project is now available. Here you can learn more and view original artwork based on the story created by children in the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, and Australia.

The ice doctor tweets

Just Added - If you're using a high speed Internet connection, check out the new Taylor Valley 3D Fly Through(17 MB file)

Many MCM members are currently in the field for the IPY. Read about life and research in Antarctica.