New Year greetings from Mac Town

Colleagues and Team members,

Greetings from very snowy Mac-town. I hope that your new year's celebrations were enjoyable ones. From all the reviews, Ice Stock was a grand success here. All MCM-LTER personnel spent the weekend in town, and most expect to redeploy or day-trip to TV tomorrow, if the weather clears.

504-Adam arrived on Wednesday and has been gathering and inspecting the equipment that he will take out into the field. He and I have talked about his hyporheic zone experiments and the geochem analyses to be made. He has also consulted Kathy about this and all systems appear to be 'go'. Anna, working with Maddie and others, successfully obtained more glacier ice cores this week.

505-The limno team, led by Amy, successfully completed the lightning round at Fryxell and plan to do the other lakes this week. They are still waiting for the part for the sediment trap. Even after a long season they are in excellent spirits with high energy.

506-Anna with the help of my student, Elsa, successfully conducted a tracer experiment at Crescent Stream this week. Aneliya also arrived on Weds, and she too has all her materials together and is ready to go to the field.

507- Perhaps the biggest news of the week is the Wormherder team (sans Jeb and Ashley) arrived in full force on Weds night. They have been very busy and focussed doing all their training and pulling their gear, etc together. They have been very efficient at all of these tasks as they are scheduled to go out and attend the P3 experiment tomorrow. They have a full slate of sampling planned for the week.

509- We sampled the length of Miers and Wales streams, plus took a number of samples in Garwood Stream, and at the mouth of Marshall Creek this past week. In addition, we did a 5 hour time-series of sampling at the mouth of Commonwealth Stream. I presented the science lecture on Weds and I think that it was well received. Kathy continues to advise and consult all who have needs regarding analyses, cleaning of bottles, and cargo deadline and shipping. She is up to date on ion analyses and began to do DOCs this past week. Elsa will take over the major responsibility for DOC analyses as of tomorrow.

As noted above it was a WONDERFUL new year's weekend with everyone in town. Good vibes continue to buzz through the labs. I think everyone is anxious and excited for the final push through the season. Plus up until today, the weather was positive with no travel/flight cancelations over the weekday period. All MCM-LTERers appear happy and productive.



All of us here send our regards and best wishes.


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